Roles sensei, shisho, yandere senpai and idiot savant have ability to use upgrade. Sensei and yandere senpai can use it only during one day of their choosing, but shisho and idiot savants are able to upgrade someone every day. Upgrade people by typing /msg ljrbot upgrade <target>.

Upgrade has different uses. The main use of upgrade is to upgrade target's role. Secondly, it gives the target possibility to use it's ability again even on the same day. Top level roles acquire ability to reveal themselves when upgraded. Players who have got upgrade-reveal can't be upgraded anymore.

Upgrade reveal looks like:

   (@ljrbot) luke-jr lights up bright and is revealed to be an upgraded detective!

Role upgrade table Edit

As of 22th June 2014 role upgrade table looks this in standard theme (yandere.php revision 244[1]). If there are more than one role in upgraded roles, then the game chooses one randomly.

Upgrade table
Role Upgraded role
Good roles
tsundere civilian, snoop

tokokyohi, janitor, warrior, esper, witness, snoop, nurse

janitor idol
tokokyohi hikikomori1
warrior shogun1, ronin
esper dayspy1, spy1
witness stalker1
snoop detective1
nurse guardian1
idol ronin, sensei
ronin samurai1
sensei shisho1
Evil roles
trap baka ranger2, cloaked yandere
yandere cloaked yandere, psychic yandere, yandere doppelganger, yandere spy1, yandere ronin1, yandere senpai1
cloaked yandere cloaked psychic yandere1
yandere doppelganger cloaked yandere
psychic yandere cloaked psychic yandere1, yandere spy1
No-align (baka) roles
baka ranger psychic idiot1, idiot savant1, myth1, null carrier1

1) top level roles, can reveal if it is upgraded once more

2) baka ranger isn't actually evil

Exceptions to upgrade reveal Edit

Yandere roles won't reveal as yanderes.

  • Yandere spy reveals as spy
  • Yandere senpai reveals as shisho
  • Yandere ronin reveals as samurai
  • Cloaked psychic yandere reveals as guardian

Notes Edit

Idol and sensei / shisho make a great combo usually. Idol is proven when he reveals himself. Then sensei or shisho can upgrade him into sensei – which results eventually with two shisho. Another possibility for idol is to upgrade into ronin which isn't that bad role either.

Sensei + sensei works the same way as idol + sensei. Sensei + shisho could also work but beware that shisho could actually be yandere senpai as they both can reveal themselves as shisho if upgraded! Yandere senpai can only upgrade other people during one day thought.

As yandere can reveal themselves to be faked roles, only following roles are truly vouched when upgrade reveal:

  • hikikomori
  • dayspy
  • detective
  • stalker
  • shogun
  • psychic idiot, idiot savant, myth, null carrier